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About The Host

Emanuel Upshaw, a Detroit native and graduate of Eastern Michigan University, is a highly regarded professional and socialite well known in his community. He has dedicated much of his adult life to the advancement and empowerment of disadvantaged individuals within his community. Emanuel has always known that strong ties creates strong minds and when thinking of the idea of a talk show, he felt it was only right to create a platform that would inspire within individuals, the same feeling he had growing up seeing successful people from his neighborhood give back to the community. It was the feeling of gratitude he gained from individuals much like himself, with humble beginnings, that sparked the idea for a talk show. "This show is about so much more than the name itself, The Emanuel Show explores the lives of individuals who much like me and you, have struggled, grown weary and unappreciated however through some spark of motivation they have been able to pull themselves from the pits and turn their dark times into success." says Emanuel. He continues to use his platform to inspire the next generation of influencers who will create social change in their communities.

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